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Powerful and feature rich modem pooling/sharing software

DEKSI Modem Pooling 1.2 by DEK Software International $295.00
DEKSI Modem Pooling

Modem pooling and sharing software

DEKSI Modem Pooling DEKSI Modem Pooling (DMP) is an advanced, powerful, and feature rich client-server software system that allows you to use any serial (COM) port on a remote computer from your local computer via a TCP/IP network connection. DEKSI Modem Pooling Sharing COM ports means sharing resources like modems, ISDN adapters, X.25 PADs or any device that connects to a COM port. With DEKSI Modem Pooling you will save money on unnecessary hardware costs.


Download DEKSI Modem Pooling 1.2 (2.1 MB)


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