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Create multimedia flashcards, tests and tutorials. Study on Mac and Palm

Studycard Studio Lite 2.4.1 by Digital Meadow $0.00
Studycard Studio Lite

Study multimedia flashcards on Mac and Palm

Studycard Studio Lite Create, study and memorize multimedia flashcards, tests and tutorials, including picture and sound identification. Study on Mac OS X, OS 9, and Palm OS. Studycard Studio Lite is for educators and students or anyone who has something to memorize. Studycard Studio Lite Students can create and study their own flashcards and track their progress. Educators can create quizzes or flashcards for their students. Use color, fonts, and video to make studying fun and memorable.


Download Studycard Studio Lite 2.4.1 (3.8 MB)

Card Deck 2 by ezFlashcards $26.95
Card Deck

A digital flash card study aid

Card Deck A digital flash card program to aid in the study of any subject. You are able create and edit your own cards. These cards can then be saved to a file and reopened for studying. Card Deck Cards can be edited and added to a saved file. Maximum cards per file is based on computer memory up to a total of 15000 cards. Each card can have two graphics and one case study files assigned to it. A flash card file can be printed in three formats.


Download Card Deck 2 (3.8 MB)

Instant Memory 2.0 by Genesis Software $12.95
Instant Memory

Instant Memory is a memory- testing tool

Instant Memory Instant Memory is a program that can test your memory. The program has three levels, three practice styles, and nine categories to chooe from.We are constantly faced with numerous chores and not enough time to complete them. Instant Memory Remembering telephone numbers, addresses, people, places, and things have become difficult. That’s where Instant Memory steps in. Instant Memory uses information that correspond to our daily activities in the exercises.


Download Instant Memory 2.0 (1.2 MB)


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