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Transcription Software Store

DialDictate lets you dictate by telephone

DialDictate Phone Dictation System 4.05 by NCH Swift Sound Software $24.00
DialDictate Phone Dictation System

DialDictate lets you dictate by telephone

DialDictate Phone Dictation System DialDictate lets you dictate by telephone. You, and other users, dial into a computer running DialDictate to record dictation. Recording, replay, editing and file management are controlled by pressing numbers on your telephone keypad. DialDictate Phone Dictation System When you have completed a recording, DialDictate can then immediately send the dictation for transcription by email, the local computer network or via the Internet.


Download DialDictate Phone Dictation System 4.05 (460.1 KB)

Claudio 6.0 by XemiComputers Ltd. $29.90

Complete luxury audio recorder with OGG/MP3

Claudio Claudio


Download Claudio 6.0 (3.3 MB)

Audio Notes Recorder 6.1 by XemiComputers Ltd. $19.90
Audio Notes Recorder

Record voice notes with this posh recorder

Audio Notes Recorder This voice notes program records from microphone and all other sound sources. Audio Notes Recorder Its key features include support for scheduled recordings, voice operated recording, transcription playback, export to MP3/WAV/OGG/EXE, changeable skin and message editor.


Download Audio Notes Recorder 6.1 (3 MB)

Wave To Text 5.5 by Research Lab Inc $39.00
Audio Notes Recorder

Speech Recorded Wave Files To Text Converter

Wave To Text Wave To Text is an English speech recognition-based dictation pad with a WAV to text converter. The dictation pad lets you convert your voice to text in real-time, while the wizard enables you to convert your Audio WAV files (speech recorded) offline. Wave To Text This speech utility is probably the most high speed way to convert speech to text accurately, no computer conscious dictation and you also don't miss a word.


Download Wave To Text 5.5 (23.9 MB)

Voice Insert ActiveX SDK 3.0 by Research Lab Inc $299.00
Audio Notes Recorder

Insert Speech To Text in all Windows Apps

Voice Insert ActiveX SDK Use Voice Insert API to Insert Speech To Text in any Windows Application. Recognizes Full 60000 Word English/Chinese Dictation. Features Limited Dictation, Voice Commands and Passwords Enables Point'n Speak with Read Aloud Target Support. Voice Insert ActiveX SDK XML Scripting Input for Limited Domain Grammar. Compact Instruction Set With Deriving the Full Power of SAPI 5.1 50 + Input/Output Audio Formats. Packed with VB6.0 Getting Started Tutorials.


Download Voice Insert ActiveX SDK 3.0 (50.6 MB)

Dictation Buddy 2.1 by High Criteria, Inc. $32.95
Audio Notes Recorder

Audio recording system for phone or dictation

Dictation Buddy Dictation Buddy is an audio recording program primarily for voice and phone recording. It can also be used for transcribing and publishing sound files. The software can record phone conversations in call-center environments and allows for easy management of sound files for review of agent activities. Dictation Buddy Main features: 1) Automatic sound activation 2) Automatic file save on phone hang-up 3) Imbedded text notes and bookmark facility.


Download Dictation Buddy 2.1 (809.5 KB)


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