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Validate Software Store

Import, Validation and Transformation of Data

DataSlave 1.2 by Baycastle Software Ltd $249.00

Database Import and Validation Utility

DataSlave Do you need to move data from one database to another? Do you want to validate and clean key information? Do you want to export data to send to customers? Are you fed up with re-keying data? DataSlave is a powerful tool for moving data. DataSlave DataSlave supports many common data formats and will quickly and simply move, validate and clean your valuable data. More than 100 ready to use functions.


Download DataSlave 1.2 (33.5 MB)

Web Sergeant 2005 by FieldCraft $54.00

Build robust web menus & generate keyword

Web Sergeant Build web menus that will work in almost any browser under any circomstances. Web Sergeant assembles pure CSS menus to your requirements that are scriptless and need no plug-ins to function. Web Sergeant Web Sergeant's pure CSS web menus will NOT break your CSS validation nor will they break your HTML validation. Web Sergeant only uses validated, standards-compliant mark-up. Web Sergeant also generates keywords and descriptions for each page you upgrade.


Download Web Sergeant 2005 (4 MB)

Credit Card Verifier 1.0 by Pingram Marketing $0.00
Credit Card Verifier

Validate Credit Card Numbers with MOD-10

Credit Card Verifier Credit Card Verifier allows you instantly check all major credit cards number for validity without submitting the card number online. Credit Card Verifier can validate any VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, EnRoute, American Express (AMEX), Discover, or JCB credit card number. Credit Card Verifier Credit Card validator uses LUHN10 (MOD-10) algorithm, so it only validates the integrity of the number combination, not the credit card itself.


Download Credit Card Verifier 1.0 (291.6 KB)


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