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Terminal program with VT52/VT100 emulation, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem

ShamCom 4.00 by Shamrock Software GmbH $0.00

Terminal program with VT52/VT100 emulation

ShamCom ShamCom


Download ShamCom 4.00 (1 MB)

Indigo Terminal Emulator 2.0.57 by shadeBlue $25.99
Indigo Terminal Emulator

Advanced telnet & serial communication

Indigo Terminal Emulator Indigo is a powerful terminal based communication software for telnet and serial communications offering many tools and functions unmatched in competing terminal softwares. Indigo replaces TELNET ® and HYPERTERM ® and provides a multi-window session based UI. Indigo Terminal Emulator Features include: SSH, SSH1, SSH2, VT100, Linux emulation, command scripting, macros, data byte converter, command libraries, auto command repeater, data logging, serial data line sniffing.


Download Indigo Terminal Emulator 2.0.57 (8.9 MB)

GTW420-Pro 3.1.5 by BATL Advanced Technology $79.00

Full-featured TE that can print to e-mail

GTW420-Pro GTW420-Pro is a full-featured terminal emulation for VT420, VT220, VT100, ANSI, SCO ANSI and Unix/Linux. It supports Telnet, COM ports/Modem and FTP/Zmodem/Kermit file transfer. GTW420-Pro GTW420-Pro enableS you to take any document e-Mail it, FAX it or print it on ANY printer, directly from your Unix or VMS application. GTW420-Pro delivers the power of windows to terminal emulation, use dynamic graphic background images, and display 3D Table Frames.


Download GTW420-Pro 3.1.5 (5 MB)

CSTelnet 1.732 by Celestial Software $29.95

Fast 32bit Telnet and SSH w/lots of features

CSTelnet CSTelnet is a fast 32-bit telnet client that also supports SSH, TAPI Dialup and direct COM port connections. CSTelnet Rock solid VT100 gives CSTelnet the edge, along with SOCKS Proxy, session logging, Passthru printing, Color/Font settings, and a host of terminal options round out a feature set that is sure to satisfy the most demanding user.


Download CSTelnet 1.732 (1.8 MB)

CRT 5.0.1 by VanDyke Software Inc. $34.95

Robust, configurable 32-bit terminal emulator

CRT Rock-solid terminal emulator for Telnet, RLogin, and serial protocols with advanced session management. Emulations include VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, SCO ANSI, Wyse 50/60, Xterm, and Linux console-all with ANSI color. CRT Switch easily between sessions with the tabbed interface and manage sessions in the session folders and Activator tray utility. CRT supports ActiveX, named sessions, auto logon, emacs mode, SOCKS firewall, and pass-through printing.


Download CRT 5.0.1 (3.5 MB)


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