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This is a powerful tool to watch/control the reachability of your webserver

WebWatch 3.16 by Frank Aluttis Softwareentwicklung $0.00

This is a powerful tool to watch/control the

WebWatch This WebWatch program is a powerful tool to watch/control the reachability of your webserver. WebWatch is a http(s) / ftp monitor that continuously monitors webserver availability and performance. WebWatch In the event of network errors, WebWatch can alert the network administrator by net send, email, cell phone, etc. before problems get seriously out of hand. This helps protect your company´s data and reduces the likelihood of costly network failure.


Download WebWatch 3.16 (447 KB)

Auction Informant 2.2.5 by HammerTap $19.99
Auction Informant

Email alerts when your eBay auction gets bids

Auction Informant Auction Informant monitors the items you (or any seller) are selling on eBay. When a new item is posted, or an item receives a bid or a bid retraction, the program will send an email message alerting you. Auction Informant It can even send messages to your wireless phone or pager. The program can monitor the accounts of many sellers simultaneously, and send messages to many email addresses. Always know when new items are posted or bids are placed.


Download Auction Informant 2.2.5 (2.5 MB)


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