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Quick Ringtone is an EASY TO USE Tool that can convert audio to mobile ringtone

Quick Ringtone 1.01 by LightThoughts Software Inc. $29.95
Quick Ringtone

Convert audio to mobile phone ringtone

Quick Ringtone Quick Ringtone is an EASY TO USE Tool that can convert audio to mobile phone ringtone. Currently it can only convert ringtones between MIDI, RTTTL, MOTO Composer, eMelody and iMelody code. Quick Ringtone Quick Ringtone can also convert these to Screen-Show format and Key-Press format for some special model cell phones.


Download Quick Ringtone 1.01 (1.3 MB)

e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer 1.31 by e-Xpressor Laboratory $72.00
e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer

MIDI Voicer - voice to midi conversion

e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer The program converts: voice to MIDI in real-time, wav to MIDI, vocal to ringtone. Recognizes sung notes and transforms it to MIDI score. e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer <p>Voice frequency range: 100 - 1500 Hz<br>Note range: A2 - F#6<br>Conversion delay (in real-time): 30 ms<br>Opening files: WAV<br>WAVE file sampling rate: 8000 - 192000 Hz<br>WAVE file resolution: 8, 16 or 32 bps<br><p>Saving: <br>Original voice: WAV<br>.


Download e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer 1.31 (982 B)

Ringtone Creator 2.4 by Unwiredtec, Inc. $125.00
Ringtone Creator

Cell phone ringtone conversion engine

Ringtone Creator Ringtone Creator is a multiplatform engine for the conversion of cell phone ringtones. It can run as a standalone application, convert ringtones on the fly, or even be integrated into your own development projects. Ringtone Creator Ringtone Creator supports all of the widely available ringtone formats: SP-MIDI, MIDI, SMAF MA-1, MA-2, MA-3, SMAF Phrases,Nokia, IMelody, RTTTL, Motorola, EMelody, Sagem monophonic and polyphonic, WAVE, MP3, AMR, AAC, CMX, QCP.


Download Ringtone Creator 2.4 (1.5 MB)

WIDI Recognition System Standard 3.3 by WIDISOFT $49.90
WIDI Recognition System Standard

Convert MP3 files to MIDI

WIDI Recognition System Standard Convert any recorded music to MIDII! WIDI Recognition System is capable of converting polyphonic stereo audio files (MP3, Wave, CD) to MIDI in a matter of seconds. A wide range of presets for different music are available. WIDI Recognition System Standard WIDI can be used in real-time as well, allowing you to control your synthesizer with voice or a musical instrument. New Recognition Wizard will help you to get converted MIDI file almost immediately.


Download WIDI Recognition System Standard 3.3 (2.5 MB)

Mobile Music Polyphonic 2.61 by Ringtone4Me $29.95
Mobile Music Polyphonic

Convert mp3 wave midi to polyphonic ringtone

Mobile Music Polyphonic Mobile Music Polyphonic is a polyphonic ringtone composition and converting software. Convert mp3, wave and midi to ringtone (mmf, sp-midi, amr, awb). Mobile Music Polyphonic Convert between mp3, wave, mmf, amr, awb format. You can write music and setup different instrument for every channel.


Download Mobile Music Polyphonic 2.61 (2.2 MB)


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