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X Lite Software Store

Easy to use, small, and extremely flexible addressbook manager

! Custom Addressbook Lite 1.1 by Freebyte $0.00
! Custom Addressbook Lite

Small, easy, flexible, powerful addressbook

! Custom Addressbook Lite Easy to use, small, and extremely flexible Address Management program for Windows. This program is unique, among the many apparently similar programs, in that it enables you to define your own addressbook fields and categories. ! Custom Addressbook Lite Create, print, delete, define and order your addresses, names, birthdays, phone numbers, email address, links and other data. Supports non-western fonts and Asian languages, minimize to tray, run from floppy, etc.


Download ! Custom Addressbook Lite 1.1 (307.6 KB)

BlockBusting Babes Lite - Symbian s60 1.0 by SeXarm.com $0.00
BlockBusting Babes Lite - Symbian s60

Free erotic game with sexy girls on Symbian

BlockBusting Babes Lite - Symbian s60 Made for all lovers of sexy arcade n puzzle games and fine art photos of beautiful sexy women. On Symbian now! The main goal of this free erotic game is to reveal exciting photos by clearing the playing field. BlockBusting Babes Lite - Symbian s60 Pack up color blocks in lines and they will disappear, letting you see more and more parts of a sexy girl hidden under thin plates. Special absolutely free version for Symbian with astonishing erotic shots by Petter Hegre.


Download BlockBusting Babes Lite - Symbian s60 1.0 (357.1 KB)

4t HIT Mail Privacy LITE 1.01 by 4t Niagara Software $0.00
4t HIT Mail Privacy LITE

Hide email in image and nobody will see text

4t HIT Mail Privacy LITE 4t HIT Mail Privacy Lite sends and receives your private data securely hidden in images of various types. 4t HIT Mail Privacy LITE You can use your birthday photo or landscape picture to send some important message to your friend or colegue securely - our application will also use strong encrypting algorithm to make communications really safe.


Download 4t HIT Mail Privacy LITE 1.01 (929.6 KB)

Turbine Mobile 1.0 by Blue Pacific Software $795.00
Turbine Mobile

Generates Flash Lite for mobile phones

Turbine Mobile Turbine Mobile dynamically generates Flash Lite for mobile phones. By dynamically integrating image, audio, video and database content into Flash SWF templates, Turbine Mobile generates Flash Lite content overcoming the natural limitations of static Flash. Turbine Mobile Supports Flash Lite features such as external ring tone-like audio formats and i-Mode and EZMode Emoji characters. Also supports Shift-JIS language encoding.


Download Turbine Mobile 1.0 (1.2 MB)

SpreadMsg Lite 5.17 by Compuquest, Inc. $0.00
SpreadMsg Lite

Auto EMail Scanning, Filtering & Wireless

SpreadMsg Lite an email scanning agent that searches email waiting at their ISP, or from any POP3 or IMAP server, applying user-specified rules, like looking for specific text content, or for mail "from" a specific person, or specific words in the "subject", etc. SpreadMsg Lite If rules are met, instant rmessages are delivered or other action is taken: parse and forward all/part of the original email; send a file, launch a file or script, 2-way wireless .


Download SpreadMsg Lite 5.17 (662.7 KB)

Studycard Studio Lite 2.4.1 by Digital Meadow $0.00
Studycard Studio Lite

Study multimedia flashcards on Mac and Palm

Studycard Studio Lite Create, study and memorize multimedia flashcards, tests and tutorials, including picture and sound identification. Study on Mac OS X, OS 9, and Palm OS. Studycard Studio Lite is for educators and students or anyone who has something to memorize. Studycard Studio Lite Students can create and study their own flashcards and track their progress. Educators can create quizzes or flashcards for their students. Use color, fonts, and video to make studying fun and memorable.


Download Studycard Studio Lite 2.4.1 (3.8 MB)

BeFaster Lite 1.5 by ED Company $10.00
BeFaster Lite

BeFaster Lite optimizes your connection

BeFaster Lite BeFaster Lite is connection speed up toolkit with some powerful tools. It optimizes AOL, Symantec PcAnyWhere, IE, Opera, Dial-up modem, Lan, Wireless, Cable Modem, xDSL, ISDN, T1, DirectPc and Cable/DSL running PPPoE. BeFaster Lite You can configure settings automatically. Its Super-Ping Tool prevents connection drops and its Ping Now Function awakes suspended modems. You can optimize your online/network gaming speed. Have a faster connection now.


Download BeFaster Lite 1.5 (1.3 MB)

FastTrackMail Lite 7.5 by FastTrackMail Software $0.00
FastTrackMail Lite

Delivering mail fast and efficiently

FastTrackMail Lite FastTrackMail Lite offers a new, simple and very convenient interface for processing e-mail and it's a powerful email management tool with features to increase your productivity and enhance your communications. FastTrackMail Lite The program provides extensive filtering and processing capabilities for incoming correspondence and requests. It allows automatic sorting of incoming messages based on preset criteria and their placement in individual mailboxes.


Download FastTrackMail Lite 7.5 (1.7 MB)

Flexiblesoft Dialer XP Lite 4.6 by FlexibleSoft Co. $24.97
Flexiblesoft Dialer XP Lite

Get connected to the Internet

Flexiblesoft Dialer XP Lite Flexiblesoft Dialer XP Lite adds convenience to your everyday dial-up networking. This multi-functional dialer allows you to connect to the Internet with one click from the system tray. Flexiblesoft Dialer XP Lite The program will monitor your connection, and automatically redial multiple numbers if you're bumped off-line. Its skinnable toolbar-style interface displays the current time and your actual connection speed.


Download Flexiblesoft Dialer XP Lite 4.6 (3.1 MB)

Air Messenger Lite 4.7.0 by Internet Software Solutions $29.95
Air Messenger Lite

Alphanumeric Paging Software TAP/IXO & ET

Air Messenger Lite Air Messenger Lite is a simple to use Alphanumeric Paging Software that allows you to send alphanumeric messages to Pagers and Digital Cellular Phone. The use of Air Messenger in your company can save you money by sending messages to your company Cellular Phones or Pagers and not having to actually talk to a person and therefore saving air time. Air Messenger Lite ETAP allows for message confirmation and other features, provider need to support this protocol.


Download Air Messenger Lite 4.7.0 (6.4 MB)

Kazaa Download Manager 3.0.1 by Kazaa Download Manager $0.00
Kazaa Download Manager

Enhance your Kazaa with free extra features

Kazaa Download Manager The free Kazaa Download Manager is an add-on for Kazaa Media Desktop. It includes many features such as backup to secure downloaded files, management of downloads,organizing download files (indexing and databasing) and more! Kazaa Download Manager is free & compatible with all versions of Kazaa (like Kazaa 3. Kazaa Download Manager 0, Kazaa Lite) also works with other free download systems such as LimeWire, iMesh, eDoney, Morpheus and BitTorrent.


Download Kazaa Download Manager 3.0.1 (196.9 KB)

mCore .NET SMS Library (LITE) 1.0 by IG Logix Softech Pvt Ltd $149.00
mCore .NET SMS Library (LITE)

.NET SMS Class Library - LITE

mCore .NET SMS Library (LITE) mCore .NET SMS Library - LITE is a powerful and easy to use .NET Class Library written in 100% managed code. It can be used with any ETSI 07.05 compliant GSM modem or phone handset connected to the PC serial port using a data cable, Infrared device, Bluetooth etc. mCore .NET SMS Library (LITE) It can be used for developing .NET applications that require to send/receive SMS in English as well as applications that require to send receive SMS in local languages (Unicode.


Download mCore .NET SMS Library (LITE) 1.0 (1002.1 KB)

PPPshar Lite 1.3 by PPP Infotech Ltd $25.00
PPPshar Lite

Internet connection sharing software

PPPshar Lite PPPshar Lite is a simple and robust web proxy that enables you to share a single dialup, adsl, cable modem or satellite connection over a home or office network. Saves you money by removing the need for getting a separate Internet account, phoneline and modem for each user who wants to access Internet in your LAN. PPPshar Lite Extremely easy to setup and use. No configuration hassles. The whole program is just 73KB in size.


Download PPPshar Lite 1.3 (73.1 KB)

SMS Wizard LITE 2.5 by Silmaril Software $0.00

Ultimate software solution for sending SMS

SMS Wizard LITE SMS Wizard is the ultimate software solution for sending short messages (SMS) to pagers and cellular phones. SMS Wizard LITE Now it is possible to send your SMS-messages not only via Internet (using SNPP protocol) but and directly from any GSM-compatible mobile phone connected to your PC by serial, infra-red, BlueTooth interface or NOKIA mobile phone via NOKIA PC Suite connection.


Download SMS Wizard LITE 2.5 (5.4 MB)

OsaSync Lite 8.0 by Vaita $0.00
OsaSync Lite

Outlook Sharing Add-in and Synchronizer

OsaSync Lite With OsaSync Lite you can synchronize Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/2003 contacts on your LAN or VPN. Without needing Exchange server you can collaborate with others and save your customers in a COMMON CONTACTS FOLDER or you can synchronize your contacts folder with your laptop. OsaSync Lite Changes are automatically reflected in the item on the other computer(s). OsaSync Lite is very easy to install and configure and supports the use of PDA's or cell phones.


Download OsaSync Lite 8.0 (279.5 KB)

Web Scraper Lite 5.0.0 by Velocityscape $89.00
OsaSync Lite

Web Extract with Screen Scraper - Web Crawler

Web Scraper Lite Eliminate cut and paste! Web spider / web crawler using web data extraction / screen scraping technology. Use the web extract for web data mining of contact lists, product catalogs, govt. Web Scraper Lite databases, real estate listings. Our easiest product yet! Creating your own web grabber that can screen scrape the web to a database or Excel has never been easier. Web Scraper Lite delivers the data you need to go to market faster than ever.


Download Web Scraper Lite 5.0.0 (50.8 MB)

SC Free Net Speeder Lite by Softwareclub.ws $0.00
SC Free Net Speeder Lite

SC Free Net Speeder Lite

SC Free Net Speeder Lite Configure with SC Free Net Speeder Lite Wizzard any modem, ADSL, Cable, DSL, LAN connections for maximum performance, faster web surfing, playing online games, downloading files. Also configures Internet Explorer for better stability. SC Free Net Speeder Lite Keeps your connection secure, prevent automatic disconnections. Add more speeds greater than 115200 to your modem settings. Speed up your connection without any networking or communication background requirements.


Download SC Free Net Speeder Lite (3.3 MB)

MERCUR Messaging Lite Edition 2005 by atrium software international $59.00
MERCUR Messaging Lite Edition

Messaging server for MS Windows Platforms

MERCUR Messaging Lite Edition MERCUR Messaging 2005 is a versatile communication platform for MS Windows. Well known standard protocols, like SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 or HTTP provide the basis for a world wide communication. MERCUR Messaging Lite Edition The Lite Edition is suitable especially for home offices and small businesses with up to 15 user accounts and one domain. The functional range is optimized for the target market and offers a excellent price performance ratio.


Download MERCUR Messaging Lite Edition 2005 (5.3 MB)

InAlbum Lite 1.5 by IncrediTools $0.00
InAlbum Lite

Create and share your photo album in minutes

InAlbum Lite InAlbum Lite helps you turn your digital photos into stunning photo albums. It's fun, quick, and easy. Simply start by choosing from ready-to-use templates or custom templates, which let you combine, mix, and match background animations, buttons, photo frames, fonts, and transition effects. InAlbum Lite Decorate with animated clip art, speech bubbles, sounds, MP3 music, and even your own voice. Share your photo album with friends and family by e-mail.


Download InAlbum Lite 1.5 (12.8 MB)

Internet Speed Up Lite by Soft depo $0.00
Internet Speed Up Lite

Internet Speed Up Lite

Internet Speed Up Lite Configure with Internet Speed Up Lite Wizzard any modem, ADSL, Cable, DSL, LAN connections for maximum performance, faster web surfing, playing online games, downloading files. Also configures Internet Explorer for better stability. Internet Speed Up Lite Keeps your connection secure, prevent automatic disconnections. Add more speeds greater than 115200 to your modem settings. Speed up your connection without any networking or communication background requirements.


Download Internet Speed Up Lite (3.6 MB)

VE Network Catcher (Lite) 4.5 by Shunra Software $0.00
VE Network Catcher (Lite)

Freeware network monitoring tool

VE Network Catcher (Lite) Network Catcher, from Shunra, is a free network monitoring tool that records latency and packet loss between your PC and any internet site. Use Network Catcher to monitor the quality of your network link. VE Network Catcher (Lite) Network Catcher also integrates with Shunra’s network simulation technology, enabling users to capture and import production conditions directly into network simulation scenarios and test applications under real-life network conditions.


Download VE Network Catcher (Lite) 4.5 (533.4 KB)


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